My main project is my band the Kunadiuns that I play in with my cousin Craig (see thekunadiun on bandamp).  We're working on finishing our concept album Lost in Huda.  We're an exciting new space/prog rock band inspired by bands like Rush, Pink Floyd, and The Who, and is made up of young guys just wanting to have a load of fun making music that people will enjoy listening to!

My secondary project is making drum cover videos and other videos for my Youtube channel(s): check out for my isolated tracks from songs, my drum covers, and other cool stuff!.

My tertiary project is designing websites for money .  I've done a number, but big ones include my own tech site, and



MY GEAR/Equipment:

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Yamaha EG112
Yamaha Eterna

Peavey Windsor Studio 30w
Crap Solidstate 5w

Behringer XENYX 1204FX / UCA202
Apex / Behringer Mics

Pearl 1980's Forum Kit (birch or mahogany - cant remember)
-Remo Ambassador Snare Batter
-Evans on the toms
-Sabian Cymbals

For DAWs I use:
Adobe Audition 3.0
Audacity (Open Source)

For Video Editing I use:
Sony Vegas Pro 9.0
Adobe After Effects CS4
TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress

For Software Instruments I use a whole lot of native instruments products!!

Kontakt Player 4 - Scarbee Red Bass sampler, also I use all the sounds that come with the Kontakt player.

Kore Player 2 - Absynth Twilights, Deep Transformations, FM8 Transient Attacks, Massive Expansion Vol. 1, Massive Expansion Vol. 2, Reaktor Animated Circuits, Reaktor Spark, Best of Reaktor Vol. 1, The Finger.

Xpress Keyboards (cheap versions of their expensive B4, Pro-53, and FM7 synths all in one bundle)

VMPK - Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard (allows you to use your computer keyboard to control midi software instruments, which is great if you don't have direct access to a real piano at the time, only limitation is keyboards are digital and can't dynamically detect the strength of hits, so all the notes have the same loudness).


For Managing my music collection on my computer, I use Winamp (used to use SongBird, but it was too unstable.

For Video Playback, I use VLC player, (supplemented with Media Player Classic for H.264 - the area which VLC struggles at).  It supports all the codecs with no hassle!

World of Goo, an incredibly awesome indie videogame that is awesomely epic!


October 28th, 2010 + 11:10 AM  ·  thebigguyconnor

I've been thinking about starting up a bootleg site.  If you wanna help out, send me a PM!

Dead of Winter

February 17th, 2013 + 11:02 PM  ·  thebigguyconnor

Here's a pretty depressing one me and my buddy came up with yesterday.

Up here in Canada we get some pretty crazy snow, and this one reminds me of the times when we have gone up north to our cottage during the winter (it is basically a regular city house with running water and so on, so it has a furnace and everything - winterized or whatever).  It can be pretty desolate though (sometimes encountering whiteouts and stuff on the road up there) and I've had nightmares/dreams of being stuck up north miles away from anybody, or somewhere else like the middle of Quebec, where you can be the only person for miles around.

Brandon Robinson - Guitars
Connor McBrine-Ellis - Guitars / Vocals / Synths


it's falling
from the thick to the dampness

deeper, lost
small shack, fire burns
trees surround

Quotes | No Vox

November 23rd, 2012 + 11:11 PM  ·  thebigguyconnor

Here is my final sorta mix.

Again, thoughts and impressions are welcome!

Original is here:

Guitar and Synthesizers - Connor McBrine-Ellis
Did all the guitars in Guitar Rig 4 and the acoustic was stereo-miced with 2 condensers.
Drums - Paul Geldart
Drums were miced with sm57 on snare and some random apex dynamic mic on kick.
Bass - Liam Duncan
Bass was DI into Guitar Rig

Mixed by Moi

Quotes | Demo

November 21st, 2012 + 11:11 PM  ·  thebigguyconnor

A kind of a reflective song I wrote a couple days ago, this is an early mix, the guitar is just a 'rough track' that helped us get the form together, the drums and bass are final.  There will be acoustic guitar and other cool stuff.  Vox also.

Rough-in Guitar - Me
Synths etc - Me
Drums - Paul Geldart
Bass - Liam Duncan

Any tips?

Let me know your thoughts so far (mixing / mastering tips also welcomed).


Some Rush Covers (Drums/Bass)

April 21st, 2012 + 9:04 PM  ·  thebigguyconnor

Just did these today.  Pretty much zero rehearsal or practice and the form of the songs is just all from memory.  Jamming with my favorite bassist, and this is the first time him and I have gotten together in a long time.

Also, my first post on Bandamp in ages also!
Glad to be back!

Hope you enjoy!

Simcity2k Theme Recreated

June 29th, 2011 + 8:06 AM  ·  thebigguyconnor

Here's my Recreation of the Simcity 2000 Theme that I did by importing the midi file from the original game, and then assigning each midi track a Kontakt or Kore instrument (both Native Instruments products, which I love by the way).

It's pretty awesome, and when you listen to the original the difference is night and day.  I love this theme so much, because I used to play this game a lot when I was little

Here's a link to the original MIDI file if anyone wants to compare or just hear how it used to sound when I played the game :
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